Upgrade Your Warranty Analytic Software With BidBoxPro

Step into the future with our easy-to-use Warranty Analytic Software. Make better decisions using data and tap into our powerful reporting tools. Get ahead in a competitive market by being smarter with your choices.


Deep Dive into Claim Cost Analysis with Our Warranty Analytic Software

Examining Cost by Product

Find out which products are costing you more than they should. Our Warranty Analytic Software shows you the areas where you could be losing money, in a way that's simple to understand. Make wiser financial moves with clear info.

Failure Point Trends

Learn where your products need work. Our easy-to-read analytics help you dive into the data. You can then figure out how to make your products better or change your coverage.

Adjudicator Performance

See how well your team is handling claims. You set the rules, and our software shows you who's doing great and who needs a bit more training. You'll know where to put your resources to improve performance.

Resolution Time

Track how long it takes to handle each claim. Our software helps you cut out the busy work so you can focus on great customer service.

Don't See a Metric You Would Like? We Will Get That Added!

As your business grows, our Warranty Management software grows with you. Manage your data efficiently without compromising on service quality, thanks to our advanced scalability solutions.

Claim Tracking

Improve CX & NPS with accurate reports on claim resolution times. From claim submission to final resolution, drilling down on bottlenecks can help elevate your service.

Registration & Ordering

Visibility over what sales channels and reps are over and under performing. See what products are hot or not.

Manufacturer Performance

Improve the overall quality of your products by tracking manufacturing flaws that lead to costly claims.

Are You Ready to Analyze Your Warranty Data?

Get a Quick Look At Everything Your Company Accomplishes

Reports On What Matters Most

Boost your business intelligence with Reports On What Matters Most, courtesy of our Warranty Analytic Software. Uncover valuable insights into your warranty processes, from claim handling efficiency to product performance metrics. Equip your team with the data they need to make smarter, more impactful decisions.

Policy Management System

Report Customization

Custom reports are uniquely tailored to meet specific client needs, providing in-depth insights that are not available in standard reports.

Migrated Reports

Don't have a gap in visibility just because you transitioned platforms. We can setup your existing reports and save them to allow you to hit the ground running from Day 1.

Agency Reports

See what outside sales channels or distributors are out performing and who may need more attention. Label high volume providers as VIP and update your marketing efforts accordingly.

Customer Satisfaction

Automated review system that can be configured to collect data on the quality of your service network or your overall warranty and claims process.

Transforming Data Into Action: Reports on What Matters Most

Start making smart, data-backed decisions with our top-of-the-line software. Our platform gives you access to in-depth reports and advanced data tools, making your business more efficient. From keeping an eye on claims in real time to spotting trends, we offer the tools you need to manage warranties and claims without a hitch. Take your operations to the next level by leveraging the power of data. Join us and see how much easier managing your business can be.

Are You Ready to Dive into Data about your Warranty Process?

“Mike and Phil have been incredible partners! Transitioning to a new database was a significant undertaking. Our old system was outdated and held together with duct tape and wishes. I had concerns about the data transfer to our new platform, but BidBoxPro made it effortless. They are responsive, communicate well, and share our excitement for their product. I’m eager for the new features and our growth on their platform.”